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Sep 23, 2014
smiley_geekHey everybody, welcome to the geek gadgets and gifts blog! here we'll be talking about all of the cool gadgets that a geek could want the whole year round. While many blogs focus just on what will be cool for seasonal gifts, we're here to bring you the best cool gadgets all year round!

So what constitutes a cool geek gadget? Well, that could be anything from a nifty iPod dock or a camera to a huge HDTV,  Blu Ray player or even action figures or a GPS unit. If it has some geek cred and an 'ON' switch, then we're excited.  From games consoles and mini DVD players so the latest new gadgets, we're here to give you some pointers as to what a geek would love as a gift.

The target buyers of the iPod video

Every new release of a product gets the interest of a particular type of people. While men seem more interested in technology and women in beauty products, while teens are fond of games and music and adults more of books, the marketers precisely know, before launching a new product, the main target of their new item. For example, the iPod video is one of the new releases which defiantly have a specific type of buyers.

The target buyers of this new device are, for sure, young people and adults which are trying to buy a great present for their children. In this example, the critics say that in many cases, the adults do not know the features of the new device well and all the things that it can be used for. So, one of the most important worries that parents should have is the fact that some children might use the iPod to directly download (as this new iPod video allows to do so) some materials from sites destined to adults only. More precisely, the target customers of the iPod video are somewhere between the ages of 16 and 30, but there are various categories which don?t fit in this group, too. Among these, there are the people above 30 years which want to remain modern and keep focused on the new releases in the technology department. Even more, there are various customers which own an iPod from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation and simply want to upgrade their item and to be able to watch clips and movies on the device, as well.

On the other hand, the sales so far clearly indicate the fact that the new iPod video is bought more by men then by women. In many cases, the iPod is bought in order to be offered as a gift for various occasions, as it is consistent, original and useful.

Due to the fact that the new iPod video represents quite and investment, there are rare cases in which teens might purchase one of these with their own money. Still, parents seem disposed to pay the necessary amount of money in order to see their children happy. The sales of the iPod video showed the fact that the device sells best before Christmas and before the summer holiday. Due to the fact that the usage of the new iPod video is one of the most pleasant ways to spend the time, (as it offers both video and audio possibilities), the iPod is intensely used while people are on vacation.

The new iPod video has a lot of fans so far and even more people are interested in the new features that the iPod can provide, thinking of purchasing the item themselves. So far, the sales say that the number of the buyers is increasing and the people become more and more receptive to the device and its capacities. At the same time, people adapt fast to the new technology, so they expect even more from the next iPod of the Apple Company. Due to this, the team of engineers already works on the next and more optimized iPod, which will bring, besides many new features and accessories, an innovative new capacity, which will surprise the market.

JVC And The First High Def Camera

The amazing company of JVC (Victor Company of Japan) released the first high definition video camera for consumers back in 2003. The GR-HD1 high def camera was the first digital video camera in the world to record and play back high definition images.

By utilizing a newly developed 1/3 inch type 1.18 million pixel progressive scan CCD and JVC type processing, the new camera records and plays back 750/30p digital high definition and 525p progressive wide screen images to mini DV tape.

The GR-HD1 is was the first digital video camera in the world to record and play back high definition video and images. The GR-HD1 records digital images to mini DV tapes using MPEG 2 compression, recording and playing back digital high definition images while still maintaining conventional 525i DV standard recording times.

The GR-HD1 also comes with an optical 10X zoom lens and a built in optical image stabilizer. It also uses a newly developed 1/3 inch type 1.18 million pixel (1.14 million effective pixels) progressive scan CCD. Due to the JVC original signal
processing circuitry and driving system, it can record muti format high quality images.

There are three recording modes; HD mode, SD mode, and DV mode that are based according to the camera operators requirements.

The HD mode records 750/30p digital high definition images, SD mode 525p progressive wide images, DV mode at the conventional 525i DV standard. This way, camera users can freely choose among the 3 modes according to their specific requirements.

Even though it was the first high definition video camera to release to consumers, the GR-HD1 is still a very impressive camera. It has a slew of other features, which are sure to please camera lovers everywhere.


The speaker system from Logitech is one that can be connected to a computer for a superior audio experience. Priced at around a hundred bucks the speakers? sound quality and maximum volume level is comparable to much costlier systems that are only slightly better than these. The bass is extremely good and the unit has several other advantages among a few disadvantages though, that appeal to those who have been looking for a speaker system that can charge up the music collection from a computer.

The most important aspect of this system is the maximum volume capable of the unit and is enough to fill a very large area. The bass is also satisfactory while this is not present in most of the cheaper models that are available for around twenty to thirty dollars. The speakers are capable of playing audio of any kind with efficiency and they are the best in the price class that offer consistent service. The overall volume of the system and the volume of the sub-woofer both can be controlled from the control module and there is no need for the user to reach behind the sub woofer to adjust the bass. The volume clarity is worth noticing as even minute sounds in the music are played clearly which would have gone unnoticed while using other speakers.

The setup of the speakers is an easy task due to the user friendliness of the unit and as there are no complicated cables involved, the speakers can be connected easily to the computer. The sound quality is also good for online streaming content like radio and youtube. The speakers make the audio sound far better than it actually is. The output range and clarity is satisfactory and comparable to that of costlier models at the mids and highs. The system can also be used in combination with high definition televisions and the high quality of both audio and video output makes it a pleasure to experience in this combination. The side speakers or satellite speakers too have superior quality like the subwoofer and produce fantastic results.

The size of the subwoofer seems to be a problem for a few users as it is huge and the system is meant to be used with a computer. The large size therefore makes it difficult to place the unit on the computer table with ease. The speakers also do not give a balanced output at high bass levels. The sound quality is experienced to be shallow and tinny for more sophisticated users and audiophiles as they obviously expect more. The lengths of wires provided make it necessary to place the subwoofer in between the satellite speakers and space becomes a constraint with this setup. So RCA extensions have to be purchased separately in order to place the sub woofer above the desk conveniently. This adds to the cost of the unit to make use of the system efficiently.

The speaker system is thus good for the average user who needs high quality output for a nominal price.

Pros and cons on the new iPod video

On the 12th of April 2005, the company Apple announced the upcoming iPod video. The product was about to reveal a new feature of the device, meaning the capacity of playing videos.

As any new item that appears on the market, the iPod video managed to get fans and critics, at the same time. Due to the fact that it is a new and innovative item which brought something different to the concept of iPod, the new iPod video started many debates regarding its practical usage, accessories, qualities and all types of technical, visual and aesthetical features.

The reviews so far explain that the quality of the image of the new iPod is very good and even the texts are highly visible. Still, the usage of the new device is more confusing. While some critics say that it revolutions the concept of iPod, which till now, it just meant hearing and not watching, as well, others sustain that the item is not that practical. Due to the fact that watching movies is a relaxant activity which requires a comfortable space and a certain amount of time, the iPod seems to promote the idea of watching movies on the run, while walking or doing some other activity. Even more, some people prefer to live the movie, with a wide screen in front of them, in the movie theatre or in their home. So, the idea of the iPod basically limits to watching music video clips or short episodes of comedy series. Even more, the battery of the new model of iPod dies after 2 hours of playing, which, in case of many movies, is not enough time to end. Still, while waiting at a line in the city or while sitting in the cab during a long ride, the iPod definitely provides the best way to spend the time.

On the other hand, the new iPod is not all about playing movies or videos. Even thought the battery works perfectly for just 2 hours when playing a movie constantly, the estimated battery life is 20 hours (when listening to music), in comparison with the 16 hours that the last model of iPods offered, which is a big plus. Even more, the new iPod video has the largest color screen since the appearance of the devices in 2001, which can be used, besides playing videos, for a good visibility of the pictures and an increased sharpness of the text; plus, the new iPod video provides full-size thumbnails for photos imported from various cameras. Another plus in accessories is the protection sleeve for the main device, which comes as a result after iPod nano, meaning the previous generation of these product, which was easy to scratch. The sleeve is made of a synthetic material, in a pale nuance of grey with visible stitching and a velour-like inner surface. Besides the technical and practical qualities, the reviews also discuss about the new aspect of the device, which looks sharper and more elegant, in black and white colors.

The new model of iPod shows, without any doubt, that the popular company and brand Apple are trying to evolve in order to satisfy the consumer?s needs, which are becoming more and more pretentious. Based on this, it is expected the new type of iPods to be improved even more with new video settings and accessories.

Panasonic AG-HVX200 HD Video Camera

The Panasonic AG-HVX200 is a handheld HD p2 camera recorder that's designed to meet the emerging needs needs in HD content production. The camera debuts and remains Panasonic's first HD video product to use P2, the cutting edge memory recording device that has the potential to revolutionize the entire production paradigm.

The AG-HVX200 can record HD, in either 1080i or 720p video acquired by a new optical system and high performance digital signal processor onto a P2 card using the broadcasting DVCPRO HD codec. This very system achieves a level of image quality that conventional handheld HD cameras simply can't match, while also supporting HD/SD multi-format and multi codec recording capabilities.

The visual frame rate recording is just one of the many features that makes this camera so very unique in its class. By using technology that makes the Panasonic VariCam camera a favorite in movie production, this powerful function will allow the overcranking techniques used with film cameras to create fast motion and slow motion effects.

The P2 card offers you superb reliability, immediate playback, and amazing cost performance. It will also allow direct connection to other editing systems and streamlines the production work flow, by providing to the editing system data files
ready to be edited, rather than a video tape that would require the tedious task of digitizing.

On top of all the advanced features and technology, the Panasonic AG-HVX200 inherits the refined design and easy operation that seperates it from the rest. With the AG-HVX200 HD camera, professionals of all kinds will find a powerful tool to help them create and bring their creations to life - helping them achieve things they may have never thought to be possible.


The S220 2.1 speakers from Logitech are a simple sound system that can be used indoors to enhance the volume of audio output, where it is considerably low. The price of the system is what attracts most of the potential customers as it is one of the cheapest one available offering quality service when compared to other speakers of the same price range. They are mostly preferred by student and others who do not like hearing things loud or whose requirement is exactly what it offers.

The speakers are small and hence can be placed even in a congested place comfortably. They are the best option to watch movies on a laptop as the volume is sufficiently loud and clear. They can be bought for somewhere around twenty five bucks and that is the best feature of the system. The music from CDs and other stuff from DVDs can be heard with a loud enough volume and this is what is ultimately expected of an average speaker system. The satellite speakers work fine and do the job they were made for efficiently. The sub woofer is far above expectations and the best part is that there are separate volume controls for both, the sub woofer and the satellite speakers.

The design of the speakers makes it convenient to tuck them in the space of a computer table with ease and the controls of the device can also be accesses without any difficulty. The overall sound quality is much better than most of the alternate models and it is difficult to find a player with similar performance in the same price range. The maximum volume of the system can fill a considerable large size room and this is a welcome feature when compared to the mere size and price of the unit. The bass switch is at the back of the subwoofer and usually once it is set, the user does not have to access it again. So the location of the control is justified. The speakers are made of high quality material and so are the connecting cables. There is also a wired remote control with a long cord that can be used to change the volume etc. from a distance.

A few of the users have heard a humming sound coming out of the speakers when nothing is being played and this may be mainly due to a defective product being delivered. There is also a gap that is found in the mid range frequency and that is disappointing sometimes. The subwoofer cannot be placed at a considerable distance as the cord length is limited. Thought the sound quality is pretty satisfactory, some static can be heard a few times at the highest level of volume.

All in all, the system is very basic and that is what one gets for the price it demands. This is a reliable speaker system as far as the service is concerned and it is the best for students in dorms and hostels.