There a lot of people who will pay any amount of money to get the best digital camera that they're able to find. Obviously this isn't something every person would like to do, but for some people quality is the single thing that matters. You need to be aware obviously that the quality matters to many individuals but they are still going to be looking for a deal when they go to buy a digital camera. Simply because both quality and price matter to most people, we are going to be checking out the Fujifilm X-S1 12MP EXR CMOS Digital Camera which really fits the bill.

I'm sure you have heard the expression you get what you pay for, and this is something that is entirely true especially in relation to purchasing a good quality digital camera. And while you will wind up paying more for this digital camera you will see that this specific model includes two lenses. The telephoto lens that comes included with the purchase price of this package is something which makes this well worth the price of the package itself.

One of the features that's actually great about this camera is you can either use the viewfinder or you are able to easily use the 3 inch LCD display which actually has a tilting feature making it super easy to see in any lighting conditions. You will also not need to worry about missing the shot in relation to fast action mainly because this camera will permit you to take photographs at seven frames per second. The point that this product will also enable you to capture video in full high definition makes this a complete and fully functional camera.

Although many people prefer automatic settings for a digital camera, with this camera you have the option of switching it over so everything will need to be done manually. Many professional photographers like this feature mainly because they will have the ability to capture the exact picture they are trying to get. The lithium ion rechargeable battery which comes with this product is in fact powerful enough to allow you to get 500 shots every time the batteries charged.

There are lots of other features that come with this camera and when you're looking for a full product description you can find it on Amazon. You're additionally going to find when you get to the site that Amazon is now presenting this digital camera for $799.95. I should also point out that you will be saving about $100 off of the list price if you decide to order this from Amazon. Amazon also picks up the costs for shipping this to your home which is yet another way you will end up saving cash by buying through them.

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