The Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet with Android is an extremely impressive new product and offers an exciting new way to access information on the internet. News, weather or any sort of important information can be easily and, importantly, very quickly accessed by users on a device which, eliminating the need to sit at a desktop PC, can be used in most locations whether indoor or outdoor where there is a Wi-Fi connection available.

The Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet certainly has many exciting and technically innovative features creating a high demand for the product in today’s market. For an extremely portable device, the size of the screen is incredibly generous; at a wide 800 x 480 size, the Home Tablet’s multimedia content is easily accessible and clearly presented in a high resolution format. There is no need to zoom in on images or text either as the screen presents a crystal clear and colourfully vibrant screen.

Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet with Android

 The memory capacity on the device is another key aspect to the product’s success; the 8GB of memory available for storage will allow 7 feature length movies to be kept on the device. Users can thus view 720p HD movies anywhere they want. Music can also be easily stored and to a greater extent. 4,000 songs and 80,000 photos can be kept on the memory whilst a micro SDHC enables the connection of memory cards so users can store even more media files.

The battery is efficient which is what users consider to be important. The Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet enables the user to view up to 7 hours of video or, alternatively, 42 hours on a single charge.

One of the more interesting aspects for this device is the ability to be connected to a HD Television system. The composite video output enables users to watch any stored media content on the 8GB memory to be viewed through a HD TV. The only niggle with this is that the cable required to do this is, in fact, sold separately.

Users can also install a wide range of extra applications. The Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet is based upon the popular Android operating system which means there is plenty of room and scope for the user to customize their device. The user can connect to the Android market and choose from a variety of extra applications to download in conjunction with the many apps already installed on the Home Tablet. Alternatively, the user can take advantage of the AppsLibs store for an extensive and diverse range of free or shareware applications.

The Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet, overall, is a very new and exciting way of keeping up to date with news updates and friends and family through social networking and chat rooms.

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