Although this isn’t the cheapest portable stereo recorder around, the Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder is an excellent device for recording just about anything. Whether you’re in a seminar and want to remember what’s being said or, say, a press conference then this device is the ideal way to record those vital bits of information. The device can record in a number of different formats whilst there is also the option to cut out any of that undesirable background noise that so often hinders any recording.

The Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder has many very good features to talk about that make this worth the retail price. To start with, the device has 2 sets of microphones. Where one is placed at the front, the other is at the rear which only optimizes the quality of the sounds being recorded. When using all four of the microphones, this gives the user an incredible 360 degree angle at which to record.

Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder

In order for the user to play their footage back and edit much more efficiently, the device is incorporated with the standard Broadcast Wave Format. This format is employed by many broadcasting studios and, to the user’s advantage, this means that there is the opportunity to stamp files with a timestamp. The user can thus easily go back to certain points in the recording without the need to keep rewinding. The memory capacity is more than generous and thus should not be a problem whatsoever. The recorder is sold with an 512 mb SD card which in turn can be upgraded in to a 32 GB card. This is some impressive space and more than enough for recording those vital bits of information in seminars etc. Furthermore, any recording made can easily be transferred on to a laptop or computer. The ability for the Zoom H2 to perform as a USB microphone means that podcasts and other broadcasts can be very easily made.

The user can make use of an automatic function too. Put simply, if the Zoom H2 detects some audio then it will start to record. When the audio ceases, the recording ceases. Smooth recording and elimination of background noise such as bad weather or chatting are also benefits from the built in auto gain and low cut filter features.

Overall, this recorder is extremely popular with previous users who have all commented upon the beneficial built in features supplied with the Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder. Conversion from WAV to MP3 files is an added bonus for many as people can truly get the most out of this recorder. It’s small size and amazingly light weight are an added incentive for people to buy this product. Nobody wants to clunk around a large, obtrusive recorder and with this device they don’t have to. When not being used the  Zoom H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder can just be put inside a pocket or a drawer for another day.

In today’s society, we live in a world of entertainment, technology and celebrities. The need for entertainment is a crucial aspect of the society today, exemplified by the hundreds of channels and diverse selection of powerful TV systems. So, when a power cut strikes, the inability to catch your favourite television shows can be an incredibly frustrating feeling. With the Axion AXN Handheld LCD TV the inability to catch the TV you want to watch is extinguished. Being able to watch programmes anywhere in the country be it outdoor or indoor, is a concept that makes this device extremely popular with consumers in today’s market.

The Axion AXN-8701 7-Inch Widescreen Handheld LCD TV with Built-In Tuner device undeniably has many advantages that makes the concept of a handheld, portable device such as this so popular today. First, the device is sold with an external antenna along with the already built-in antenna. The device can thus be easily moved around to check for the best signal and, when found, the device portrays an ultra clear, sharp image the user can easily see. The only downside of this aspect however is that the Axion AXN does not offer HD viewing.

Axion AXN-8701 Handheld LCD TV

 The Axion AXN-8701 is also a digital device; this means that it is able to pick up more channels than an analog device which gives the user a much more varied and diverse range of viewing possibilities. Although the device can be handheld, the device can just as conveniently be placed on flat surfaces. The included back stand gives viewers the opportunity for a more relaxed viewing experience whilst the magnetic mount at the bottom of the Axion makes it possible to be rested on most surfaces. The device can also be used as a secondary television and can thus be connected to the main house antenna to receive much more channels.

Many products on the market will undoubtedly feature some small niggling negatives and this device doesn’t break this rule. Whilst many people who have bought this product have been impressed with what the Axion AXN-8701 Handheld LCD TV has to offer, some have mentioned that they sometimes cannot access channels because of bad signals. The counter argument to this may be more to do with the actual location some users are using the device in. The battery life is also, if being honest, a little disappointing. The battery life gets shorter as the product gets older which is a somewhat slightly annoying aspect. Although the device does come with a remote, as TV remotes go, the Axion’s isn’t necessarily the best designed. For example, the the remote lacks an on’off button whilst there is as less room for volumeup/down controls.

Overall, the decision is left with the buyer. Although there are the positives, there are also the negatives.  As some have found, if one cannot find a good signal, then the device really has no purpose. However if, as is usually the case, one can find a good signal then the Axion AXN-8701 Handheld LCD TV with Built-In Tuner is well worth the money.

The Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet with Android is an extremely impressive new product and offers an exciting new way to access information on the internet. News, weather or any sort of important information can be easily and, importantly, very quickly accessed by users on a device which, eliminating the need to sit at a desktop PC, can be used in most locations whether indoor or outdoor where there is a Wi-Fi connection available.

The Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet certainly has many exciting and technically innovative features creating a high demand for the product in today’s market. For an extremely portable device, the size of the screen is incredibly generous; at a wide 800 x 480 size, the Home Tablet’s multimedia content is easily accessible and clearly presented in a high resolution format. There is no need to zoom in on images or text either as the screen presents a crystal clear and colourfully vibrant screen.

Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet with Android

 The memory capacity on the device is another key aspect to the product’s success; the 8GB of memory available for storage will allow 7 feature length movies to be kept on the device. Users can thus view 720p HD movies anywhere they want. Music can also be easily stored and to a greater extent. 4,000 songs and 80,000 photos can be kept on the memory whilst a micro SDHC enables the connection of memory cards so users can store even more media files.

The battery is efficient which is what users consider to be important. The Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet enables the user to view up to 7 hours of video or, alternatively, 42 hours on a single charge.

One of the more interesting aspects for this device is the ability to be connected to a HD Television system. The composite video output enables users to watch any stored media content on the 8GB memory to be viewed through a HD TV. The only niggle with this is that the cable required to do this is, in fact, sold separately.

Users can also install a wide range of extra applications. The Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet is based upon the popular Android operating system which means there is plenty of room and scope for the user to customize their device. The user can connect to the Android market and choose from a variety of extra applications to download in conjunction with the many apps already installed on the Home Tablet. Alternatively, the user can take advantage of the AppsLibs store for an extensive and diverse range of free or shareware applications.

The Archos 7 8 GB Home Tablet, overall, is a very new and exciting way of keeping up to date with news updates and friends and family through social networking and chat rooms.

When driving along, the silence of a modern car engine may be found to be a little bit boring. For those who want to experience a bit of a thrill and a sense of adventure in a perfectly safe way, then the SoundRacer SRV8 Realistic SuperCar V8 Engine Sound Effects may be just the gadget to quench that desire. This is a unique gadget which, when attached to the car’s cigarette lighter socket, releases sounds of high speed racing car engines. The gadget suits every driving action there is; if you’re accelerating, the device will make the appropriate sounds. If you’re reversing, the device will make the appropriate sounds. Whatever you’re doing, the the SoundRacer SRV8 Realistic SuperCar V8 Engine Sound Effects will make such realistic sounds that soon it’ll be like you are driving a high speed racing car for real!

SoundRacer SRV8 Realistic SuperCar V8 Engine Sound Effects

Although it sounds very sophisticated in how it operates, the SoundRacer SRV8 Realistic SuperCar V8 Engine Sound Effects gadget is surprisingly easy to set up. All you need to do is attach the device to the cigarette lighter socket and then select the correct frequency for the car stereo. After that you can enter your ‘sports car’ and let the fun driving begin. For sure, there’ll be no boredom when it sounds like you’re driving a car straight out of Hollywood!

The SoundRacer SRV8 Realistic SuperCar V8 Engine Sound Effects gadget is compatible with most cars too. Diesel, FlexiFuels and vehicles with automatic transmission are all compatible and there thus should not be a problem whatsoever using the device in these cars.

Many customers have praised the device for its life-like capabilities. It can be easy to forget that you are not driving a Ford Fiesta when you get so used to the sound of a high powered sports engine! There are a few drawbacks however which need to be mentioned. One such drawback concerns not the qualities of the product itself but the possible effect on the practice of safe driving. As mentioned before, it can be easy to forget that you are actually driving a regular powered car and not a speed racing machine. The consequent surge of adrenaline as the device pumps out loud revving noises may not be the best for safety when on busy roads.

If the sound system in the car isn’t the best either, the user may not experience the most enjoyment from the device. If it is however, you are fit and raring to go!

This, overall, is a device that many customers have found thrilling to use. Whilst it may encourage an adrenaline rush from the body, the SoundRacer SRV8 Realistic SuperCar V8 Engine Sound Effects gadget is deemed as very safe and an enjoyable acquisition to the car for those craving a little more excitement be it on the way to work or going for the shopping.

Sony DCR-SR47 Hard Disk Drive Handycam Review

When you’re looking to invest in a new handheld video recorder, you couldn’t get a much more exciting and effective product than one manufactured by Sony. This is an area Sony has really got to grips with and has produced some of the best video recorders on the market. Not only is this Sony DCR-SR47 Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder extremely simple to use but its small size, by no means detracting from the quality of the camera, means that the device can be easily taken to any location whether it is carried in a bag or sitting comfortably in a pocket. To be able to carry around such a powerful device hassle free like this is an advantage in itself.

When recording, this camera makes it easy to capture the most beautiful and detailed of shots. With the ability to zoom in 60x the detail that you wanted can be captured. After recording has finished, the footage can be watched back on a HD TV and, although the camera does not record in a HD format, the image is still of a very high and clear quality.

Sony DCR-SR47 Hard Disk Drive Handycam

 The battery and memory power of the Sony DCR-SR47 Hard Disk Drive Handycam are two other significant improvements on other cameras already on the market. Here there is no need to buy batteries every time the battery life runs out; instead the batteries can be simply recharged thus elimination the cost of buying new batteries. As for the memory capacity, a hard disk of 60GB is built in and, if the need arises, there is a port in which to plug a USB device for even more memory storage. Like many other cameras’ there is the opportunity to connect a memory card and thus enhancing the memory capacity even further and again, this is very easy to use. The sound quality is excellent here. Background noise can be eliminated via the built in directional microphone so you can now hear any sounds recorded without straining your ears to do so. The lens protector is a very impressive addition, after all nobody wants to invest in a video recorder and run the daily risk of damaging the screen. Although Sony does offer a whole host of additional features to be bought separately, these are not really needed if the camera is used as a simple recording device. Everything is already in place to record high quality videos and it would only be the most experienced and devoted user that may wish to purchase any extras.

Now for some of the more negative aspects to what is a very fine handheld video camera. For one, the camera will not be able to download the captured videos on to a MAC computer which, if one has a MAC instead of a PC, will undoubtedly hinder their investment in this camera. Another disappointment is that the resolution of the image may be a bit weak sometimes whilst, if shooting videos indoors, the lighting of the images may sometimes be not up to scratch. Although there are the small drawbacks and this is still another very good quality camera manufactured by Sony who really know how to show the public their technological prowess. The positives here are in much greater number than the negative and, if wanting to purchase a new handheld video camera, the Sony DCR-SR47 Hard Disk Drive Handycam camcorder may be the one for you.

Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 Review

The new Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 is an exciting but yet sophisticatedly complex piece of equipment which performs to the highest standard. The camera produces top quality footgae and can be used for web-based movies and video calls.

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 makes use of 720p HD video meaning that any footage being watched will be easy to see with its crystal clear and visually crisp image. The widescreen true colour is another feature which will undoubtedly enhance any viewing experience and alongside the auto focus feature, enabling the image to be seen no matter how close an object is to the screen or if the surrounding light is low, means that this device is well worth the retail price. Taking pictures is a joy with this camera; to capture an image at the resolution of 4 megapixels means that the image that is captured will be available to view in a crystal clear way where the tiniest detail can be recognised. When recording, the image it captures is startling. With its capability to record at 720p HD and 16:9 cinematic widescreen, the buyer of this product can’t go wrong in terms of quality.

Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 is small but this by no means hinges what is a very effective and technically innovative piece of technology. Its size means that it can be placed in the smallest of spaces; the camera can be placed just as easily on a desk or on its edge than on top of a laptop using the mount that is included.

This webcam also allows for the easy and effective communication with family and friends. The device is compatible with Windows Live along with other programmes not Microsoft made such as Yahoo Messenger. The user will be able to see and hear their friends and family if using Skype for no cost at all. The built in microphone, with its ability to eliminate annoying background noises and disturbances, allows for a clear sound to be transmitted which makes the communication between friends and loved ones as simple as ABC.

This wouldn’t be a very good review if it didn’t take in to account any negative aspects of the product however. One such problem that people have found is that, due to the complexity of this device, some people do not have the software needed to support such a webcam. The webcam requires the minimum of a Dual-Core 1.6 GHz or higher and many people simply do not have these requirements available. However, if one does have the required hardware, this webcam cannot come any more highly recommended.

Despite the powerful computer system it needs to work, this is a highly efficient and resourceful webcam that, unlike other webcams on the market, offers new and exciting features for both creativeness and enjoyment. The Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 is a must buy for all those seeking a webcam.

Logitech Wireless Number Pad N305 Review

From usefulness to its simplicity to set up, every aspect about the Logitech Wireless Number Pad N305 is amazing.

This wireless number pad from Logitech is great for people in business, even better for those who travel a lot. This wireless number pad, along with being easy to use, has a great design to benefit those people not wanting to lug around item after item. The design is small but sturdy, effective and most important, inconspicuous so that the travelling business person will hardly notice such an important piece of equipment. There’ll be no sight of wires trailing the floor or falling out of a travel bag, this device is wireless meaning that it can be easily transported and used from place to place.  

Logitech Wireless Number Pad N305

The battery life is also an ideal feature. When placed inside the Logitech Wireless Number Pad N305, the battery can last up to a 3 year period because, and this is the good bit, this device uses only half the battery power of other peripherals. This means that this device is twice as effective at saving power and also much more efficient.

Users can make use of a USB dongle that can enable the device to be plugged in to a laptop or computer. The design of this is so small and unobtrusive that the user will hardly notice it is there at all. The durability of the dongle is worth mentioning here; there’s no need to worry about it breaking accidentally as the dongle is so tiny but strong. It has been designed for the upmost efficiency and durability; the user will be able to carry the laptop anywhere without having to constantly check the USB dongle.

Other peripherals can be connected to the device too. The unifying receiver is a very beneficial addition, to what is already a very clever little gadget, allowing the use of a mouse and keyboard if one has them. This not only frees up vital USB space but also eases the workload put on to the laptop.

This wireless number pad can be taken in locations around the world. Whether flying, in a car or simply out in the garden on a warm day, the device is sturdy and effective enough to perform to its capacity anywhere. For people on the move a lot, this could be a crucial piece of equipment to invest in. Let the Logitech Wireless Number Pad N305 do the work instead and let you stress be exiled from your mind.

The Logitech Wireless Number Pad N305, a recommended purchase for those on the move.

Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 Review

The Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 is a must buy for those wanting a technically innovative webcam and more. In addition to its basic features, expected from other models of webcam as well, this has even more which will be explored later on. The higher asking price for this model then, due to many new and exciting features, is unsurprisingly higher but absolutely worth it.

When choosing a suitable webcam, the first aspect one may look at is the quality of the picture. Well, nowhere else on the market is there a webcam with a higher picture quality than the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000. With its frame rate of 960x720 pixels and large lens which, unlike most other narrower lens webcams, enables the Logitech model to capture much more detail in a startling clear image, you can’t go far wrong with the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000. Also enhancing the picture quality is an auto focus option; this basically means that, if an object is very close to the lens, there will be no undesirable effects upon the clear quality of the image. This is in stark contrast to most other models of webcam where image distortion will happen. Even if the lighting in the room is low, this webcam will adjust itself accordingly so you can see everything just as clear.

Logitech 720p Webcam Pro 9000

Alongside the image, the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000’s ability to pick up sound is second to none. The sensitive nature of the microphone means that this webcam can pick up noise, unlike other webcams, without annoying echoes and disturbing sounds in the background. Communication has never been simpler with this Logitech model! Creativity is something that Logitech has take in to consideration too. The Logitech 720p Webcam Pro 9000 allows the user to pan, tilt or zoom and with a camera quality of 2 mega pixels, being creative has never been so much fun or so easy. The webcam comes with a host of other optional features too, including avatars, fun tools and other video customization settings.

Despite the positives, there are however, a few niggling problems that not all but some users may find slightly annoying. These problems regard the software side instead of the hardware, which incidentally functions without problem. If the device is installed in vista, the worry is that the webcam cannot be fully installed without turning off the anti-virus protection. As many know, when surfing the internet, anti-virus protection is a crucial way of protecting one’s self against any malicious viruses and the like. However, the easy to do installation of this product means that the anti-virus will not be turned off for long and the chances of anything becoming infected are slim at best.

Another annoying aspect is that when installation is being carried out, the software has the tendency to reset some of the default folders and configuration settings. So, frustratingly, whenever any updates are applied to the webcam software, changes to the default folders and microphone settings have to be made. Overall, however, the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 is an exciting new webcam to hit the market with its new array of useful and creative features. The device is well worth the asking price and is a recommended purchase for anyone searching for a reliable and effective webcam system.

Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 by Logitech Review

The Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 is an extremely new comfortable mouse to be used with a desktop PC. There are many good features to this mouse which make it stand above the rest. The sleek, curvy design allows the mouse to almost blend to your hand whilst, underneath the mouse, is a laser which will be compatible with the majority of surfaces. Where your regular scroll bar may have moved at a good speed, Logitech design means that the scroll bar on this mouse moves quicker.

If one’s preference is to scroll through pages using the mouse wheel, then the Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 will not let you down. Here, you do not have to use your fingers to scroll; instead the mouse has hyper-fast scrolling which, eliminating the job for those tire fingers, means it can scroll much faster than other mouses on the market.

Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 with 3-Year Battery Life

Also well designed are the positions of the buttons; for effortless scrolling through pages and moving from document to document, these buttons are in exactly the right place for your hands.

Perhaps the most significant positive feature of the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 is the length of the battery life which, courtesy of Logitech, is very generous. Now there is no need to keep charging the battery when you don’t need to. When you’re in the middle of some work, surfing the internet or playing games, the last thing you need is to be interrupted just to charge up the mouse. This battery can last two times as long as other standard mouses meaning you have more time to do what you want to do. The 3 year battery lifespan is an added incentive to buy this particular model.

The unifying receiver is a feature well favoured by PC users and with the Logitech Marathon Mouse, this is built in. This is the USB dongle that is needed in order to connect the mouse to a laptop. Best of all, the dongle will cause absolutely no hassle whatsoever. The small, efficient size of the dongle’s design means that, once plugged in, the user will hardly notice its presence. The Logitech is sure leading the way in today’s market.

The laser on the Marathon Mouse is also extremely effective and, unlike other mouse models, can be even used on glass. The computer reads the signals sent by the laser, which will work effectively on the majority of surfaces, and the cursor on screen will do exactly what you want it to. The laser is much more effective than the mouse ball of previous models, here eliminating any jerkiness or stop-start movement in favour of a fluid, user-friendly movement.

To conclude, this model of mouse is extremely popular with PC users who, whilst wanting to use the mouse on their home computer, can effectively take the mouse anywhere and still take advantage of its benefits. With its highly efficient laser, dongle to connect to other computers and laptops and sleek, ergonomic design, the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 is sure to be a contender for the best selling computer mouse on the market.

All that a customer can ask for in a laptop is to run efficiently and work effectively. The HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR 15.6-Inch black laptop looks to be one that can offer this to potential customers. The DV6-2162NR laptop is powerful but yet surprisingly quiet (after all you don’t want a noisy laptop disturbing your work etc) and is more than capable of handing media files such as music and films.

HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR 

Supplying the power to the HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR laptop is an Intel Core i3-350M processor and, combined with 3Mb of L2 cache and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, is up to the mark of connecting to the internet and doing any work that the user may want to do. The laptop also operates as a fantastic entertainment system; music can be heard in premium audio, video games of the highest complexity can be enjoyed and the user can enjoy many a HD video. The laptop can also handle many applications at once so, if required, the user may be able to quickly skip between different windows. The screen is 15.6 inches, a generous size that will allow users to easily see what’s in front of them and, with the Intel HD graphics, the user can enjoy a visually clear and crisp image. The built in webcam gives an added bonus to what is already an impressive piece of technology.

The laptop can easily be connected to a wireless network in different places. With the DV6-2162NR in the form of 802.11b/g/n WLAN the user will be able to take advantage of anything that the network they connect to.

There are seemingly endless positive things to say about this laptop. One definitely worth mentioning is the 101 size keyboard with its incorporated keypad. A large number of buyers have all commented on the usefulness of a keypad alongside the keyboard so it may come to no surprise at all to see this laptop performing successfully on the market.

The pre-installed software is also definitely worth discussion. The HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR laptop comes absolutely barraged with useful software such as the 64bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium, 60 day Microsoft Office Home & Student Trial to really benefit people wanting to get the most out of their new laptop. That’s not all. The laptop arrives in stores with the software to enable the burning of DVDs and CDs. There is a huge amount of useful software there available and waiting for a potential user to take advantage of.

The memory is extensive and will be a feature to keep even the most critical of sceptics happy. Overall, the HP Pavilion DV6-2162NR laptop would be an excellent purchase for those looking for a new, technically innovative computing system.

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